1. Bear Pong table (244 x 61 x 71 cm).
2. Beer Pong cups (470 ml).
3. Bear Pong balls
4. Lots and lots and lots of BEER

The Teams

Make two teams of at least 2 people and choose tactically. Who has the best throwing techniques and who can drink the most?

The Setup

On each side of the table, ten cups make a 4-3-2-1 arrangement in a shape of a triangle

Wash Cup (Water Cup)

Each team has one cup of water. This will clean the balls and make the ball jump out of the cup less well.

The Beer Pong Cups

Fill the cups to the first rim with beer. Are you not using original cups? Then fill them 1/3 full.

When to drink?

When the ball is thrown into a cup. Throw a ball into the cup with a bounce, and two cups must be drunk.

Don't touch the table!

The table should not be touched while throwing.


Bouncing balls may be deflected after a bounce. The player who fends off a direct ball without bounce empties a cup from his own team.

Clumsy Goat

If the Beer Pong ball is thrown across the table without hitting the table, the person who threw must empty their own cup.


Three reracks may be requested during the game. One party may then demand that the other party return the cups to basic form. For advanced players, this can be reduced to two, one or even zero times. No balls may be thrown during the rerack.

Kings Ball

There are two ways to end the game at once:
1. If two balls are thrown into the same cup, the game ends immediately.

2. When the ball lands in a Beer Pong cup of an inattentive player if there is still liquor in it. The losing party must drink the WHOLE table!

End of the game

The game ends when all cups from one team have been played away (i.e. emptied). The losing team must now drain all remaining cups from the opponent. Good luck!

Scot Techniques

The bow

The most popular technique of all. The ball is thrown with an arc toward the opponent’s cup.

The fastball

With a tight throw, throw the ball toward the opponent’s cup. This throw is mainly beneficial when there is already a ball in the opponent’s cup.

The bouncy ball

Throwing the ball with a bounce toward an opponent’s cup. If a bouncing ball goes in, it counts double. After the ball hits the table, the opposing team may catch or knock the ball away. This has no further consequences.